When your equipment counts, count on
Hubler Bros., Inc. for the very best
We understand the industry and we know what you
need most: reliability you can count on, affordability you
can bank on, and innovative solutions to the many
complex problems you face.  And that's exactly what
Hubler Bros., delivers.  

A Long and Outstanding Track Record
Established in 1962, Hubler Bros., Inc. has been
serving the forestry industry for over 55 years.  Our
innovative products help make your job easier and
more efficient.  As our company  continues to expand,
our business operations have branched out beyond the
forestry sector.  We offer custom built trucks with
specialty bodies to handle all tree service or debris
removal needs.  

Hydraulic Knuckleboom Loader Specialists
Hubler Bros., Inc. is one of the oldest Prentice dealers
in the United States
-that is just one of the reasons Hubler Bros. is
nationally recognized as a leading specialist in
knuckleboom loader technology.  Our customers know
that buying their equipment from Hubler Bros. is a
guarantee that they're getting the absolute best in
product, pricing, convenience and customer care.

Expert Body Builders representing all
makes of heavy duty log trucks, storm
trucks, hi-rail trucks, tree service trucks,
and flat bed trucks
Hubler Bros. is proud to offer true one-stop shopping for
all your knuckleboom loader needs-including expert
body building and modifications to adapt all makes of
heavy duty trucks.

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May 2020
custom built truck bodies
self propelled carriers
forestry saw decks and
log trailers
vacuum/pump tanks
lift axles
Prentice Knuckleboom loaders
Rotobec Knuckleboom loaders
Dragon tanks & Trailers
new and used log trucks
hi-rail trucks
Storm debris/tree service truck
Heavy duty winch tractors
PRENTICE 120 &2124'S
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