Hubler Bros., Inc. is proud of our long history of innovation, which is really the logical outgrowth of our unfailing commitment to
customer satisfaction: if a customer has a problem or special need that our existing inventory and technology can't address, our
design team goes to work.  If we don't already offer a solution, we create one.

Over the years, Hubler Bros. unique, original, and innovative equipment modifcation and building concepts have virtually
revolutionized the knuckleboom loader and related forestry equipment fields - innovations like our patented Hydra-Headboard,
Electric Swivel Ring, and Ultra Light Log Bunks.

A few examples of Hubler Bros. innovative workmanship are pictured below.  If you have not discussed your businesses' special
needs with Hubler Bros., what are you waiting for?  Give us a call today, or fill out our quick and simple information request form.  
Put Hubler Bros. expert design team to work for you!
Headboard Tank Assembly &
Oil Cooler

Combines hydraulic tank with
truck headboard or truck
bulkhead.  By design with
over 10,400 square inches of
surface area, the headboard
tank acts as a natural cooler.  
Also, it eliminates mounting
space problems on the side
of truck frames.
       U.S.A. PATENT
Hubler Bros. Invention And Innovation:
Creating Solutions For Our Customers